Friday, April 30, 2010

30 Day Challenge - Day One: Favourite Actor

This is a tricky one as I don't often pick favourites.  For me skill as an actor or actress means that they can handle a number of different roles (ie not always comedy or romance or action) and are convincing in all of them.  I don't really like him, but I respect the talents of Leonardo DiCaprio, who has switched well between his roles in What's Eating Gilbert Grape and the likes of Blood Diamond.

Julia Sawalha shows pretty good versitility when you compare her role as Saffy in Absolutely Fabulous and Lydia in the BBC's 6-part mini series of Pride and Prejudice.

This brings us round to the person who is probably my favourite actor/actress, because she was in Pride and Prejudice alongside Ms Sawalha.  I have only seen a total of two movies (plus forementioned television appearance) with Jennifer Ehle in them, and I only enjoyed one of them.  But I am constantly impressed with her ability to portray the thoughts and feelings of Miss Elizabeth Bennett with an expressive face and mobile eyebrows.  Also, she's gorgeous.  ;-)

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Friday, April 9, 2010

The New 30 Day Challenge

Thanks to Cal's Canadian Cave of Cool for this one:

•Day One: Favourite Actor
•Day Two: Favourite Movie
•Day Three: Favourite Musician
•Day Four: Favourite Book
•Day Five: Favourite Food
•Day Six: Favourite Song
•Day Seven: Favourite TV Show
•Day Eight: Pictures Of Your Room
•Day Nine: Favourite Flower
•Day Ten: Favourite Outfit
•Day Eleven: Recent Picture Of Yourself
•Day Twelve: Where Your Family Is From
•Day Thirteen: Favourite Memory
•Day Fourteen: Favourite Purchase Ever Made
•Day Fifteen: Current Grades
•Day Sixteen: Future Tattoos
•Day Seventeen: A Childhood Picture
•Day Eighteen: Favourite Board Game
•Day Nineteen: Something That Made You Smile Today
•Day Twenty: A 10+ Year Old Picture
•Day Twenty-One: Favourite Movie Quote
•Day Twenty-Two: Picture Of You On This Day
•Day Twenty-Three: Favourite Music Video
•Day Twenty-Four: Something Embarassing In Your Room
•Day Twenty-Five: One Of Your Most Prized Possessions
•Day Twenty-Six: A Picture From One Of The Greatest Days Of Your Life
•Day Twenty-Seven: A Picture Of Where You’re From
•Day Twenty-Eight: A Drawing
•Day Twenty-Nine: Somewhere You Want To Visit
•Day Thirty: Whomever You Find Most Attractive In This World

Arduino Prototyping Boards

Check out the Arduino website.

Arduino provide software and the designs for hardware to create a small electronic prototype board.  They use an AtMega8 microprocessor which from memory should be able to handle almost any basic design simulation.  Now all I need is a design which would require one.

The Chickens are Unusual

Where I come from, chickens act in a particular way.

But my sister has chickens that don't.  I was looking out the kitchen window onto the chicken run when I saw one of the two writhing in slow morbid death-throws.  She was squatted close to the ground but not completely upright - slighty rolled over to her right side.  Her left leg/foot was spasmodically kicking out in a desperate bid for... something.  Life?
In my concern for the poor dying chook I pointed out her pight to my sister only to learn 'that's what she does...from time to time.'

Most chicken's have a dust bath.  These chooks have mud spa/wallow/death thing.

More to this, both these chickens frequent the glass doors to the lounge whenever they are let out of the run and into the garden.  They stand, one at each window panel and peer in as though someone might be in there to grant them entrance.  The strange part being there's no one in the lounge when they do it.

Slightly less strange is their need to stand aboslutely still and on one leg.