Tuesday, May 18, 2010

30 Day Challenge - Day Two: Favourite Movie

Another tough one. Watchability is important - if you can't watch it again and again then it's not going to be a favourite.

I've always loved The Long Kiss Goodnight, because it's about one hell of a kick-arse woman.

She has a loved one, but he is barely in the movie; and she has a child, but the child is really just a McGuffin; and the main characters are played by Gina Davis and Samuel L Jackson.  Gina is very sexy and SLJ is just cool. His character isn't cool, but SLJ makes him cool even in his un-coolness.  And that's awesome.
And despite having a large arse and a child, Samantha Cain / Charlene Elizabeth Baltimore is a gun totin' cigarette smokin' cussin' kickin' freakin awesome SPY and there is action and plot and people die screaming, cos Charlie really was telling the truth.
I don't think I can stand up now.

Then there's the Fifth Element which is equally brilliant.  An over-the-top action sci-fi with Gary Oldman, Ian Holm, Bruce Willis and Milla Jellybeanovich that first makes you think it's all about special effects and car chases.

But it is really a deep movie and though the plot doesn't exactly have any twists, you do have to pay attention to the dialogue.  Even when that dialogue appears to be no more than "Big Badda Boom!"  Once again I am drawn to a movie with sexy actors, lots of action, a secret plot and which you need to watch a couple of times to truly appreciate the little things.  I'm always up for a little bit of the Fifth Element, if you know what I mean ;-)

Then there's a movie which could possibly become one of my favourites except that I haven't been able to watch it a second time.

Life is Beautiful is simply too heartbreaking.  It is well made, constructed with the right amount of humour, love and striking, heartrending sadness.  It is the tale of how far people will go for the ones they love.  It highlights both the best and the worst of human nature and does it all without fanfare or Hollywood narcissism.  I love this movie.  I just can't watch it.

The BBC's six part mini series of Pride and Prejudice doesn't count because it's not a movie.  Damn.

I have to say, at the end of all this, that my favourite movie is Primer.

Watch it and find out why.

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Nick Ward said...

Oh I'm glad you liked Primer. Quite a movie isn't it?