Monday, July 18, 2011

Hairy Maclarey

I grew up with these books, read to me so excitingly by my wonderful Mum, and as I've grown I've enjoyed being able to read them to other youngsters. I can't wait to read this and many more to all my nieces and nephews. Check out Hairy Maclarey on Wikipedia to see all the books. Apparently there have been over 5 million books sold, so I am guessing they're not just sold in NZ! I think I always liked Hairy Maclarey's Bone the best. (Don't say it Doug. I'm watching you.)

Now that you've seen the book, please vote on my poll. Tell your friends and get them voting too! Let's see what people are out there in the world!!


Sez said...

Sez = Hairy Maclarey because I'm curious, full of mischief but will run at the first sign of trouble. (Was almost Scarface Claw because I'm scarey and mean when grumpy!)

Ju = Slinki Malinki because he's cool, sleek, mischievious and full of character (and so am I!)

Baby G = Muffin McClay, all cute and cuddly!

Bella = Schnitzel von Krumm cos she has a very low tum!!

Kiwi Mother said...

I'm Muffin McLay because I am not small like HM and I badly need a haircut!! (And my hair is the same colour ...)

Sez said...

And you're great for hugs like Muffin McClay! That makes you and Georgie the same!! Did you enter your vote on the right hand side of the page?

Scarface Doug said...

lol I wouldn't dare make a crack about Hairy Macleary's bone vs Schnitzel von Krumm! ;-) I fancy myself as a Scarface Claw but in reality probably a Hercules Morse
as big as a horse :)

Sez said...

Haha! I love it :-)
Thanks Doug xx