Thursday, July 15, 2010

Number 9 - Favourite Flower

My mother's favourite flower is the Arum Lily, and I don't blame her.  There is something pristine about the Arum.  Its petals so pure, the simple elegance of form and colour...

Arum Lily by ~floramelitensis on deviantART

As for myself, well I've never paid a huge amount of attention to flowers.  Maybe it is the tussock-land I grew up with, or my father's love of grasses and NZ native shrubs & hebes.  I don't really know.  I like the look of a pretty garden, but I don't go to gaga over one.  For a gift of flowers I suppose I like bold colours, and budding roses are certainly very lovely.

But when it comes to pansies... well I just love them.  They have such a remarkable range of colours and beautiful faces in every flower. 

pansie by ~bubblemagnet on deviantART

Pansie by ~photoquilter on deviantART

Sometimes it looks like there's an old man with a massive beard in the flower, and sometimes it looks like the silhouette of an angel.  Sometimes the petals have one pattern on the inside, and a ring of colour around the outside too, and sometimes they seem to be all one colour until you look closer.  I love all pansies, but my favourites are the darker-than-dark shades.  The blood red's and deep purples.

My absolute favourite is the pansy of a purple so dark it is like black velvet.

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