Thursday, August 5, 2010

15 + 16 = 31. Does that mean I'm done?

15: Current Grades
Awesome.  I'm cleared for promotion and have finally enrolled in my introduction to massage courses.
Horrific.  I have failed my fitness test and been kicked off an exercise as a result.

16: Future Tattoos
Something involving a gecko, perhaps.  Or Ouroboros - but not a circle on a flat piece of skin.  I want the snake to circle a limb, but I'm not sure which just yet.  Also I'd like something with the three Gaelic words for Serenity (suaimhneas) , Courage (misneach) and Wisdom (gaois), probably within a Celtic motive of some sort.


Nick Ward said...

Get a unicorn leaping over a rainbow while behind ridden by a mermaid.

Sez said...

With a heart and 'Mum' in the background and a rose?