Sunday, August 29, 2010

XX - A 10+ Year Old Picture

Recruit Course Steyr Phase.  

Let's see if I can remember everyone's nicknames:
Wheels, Reedy, Aides, Cletus, Cray, Wally, Wolfy, Fenton, Youngie, Yace, Pricey, Skatie, Randy, Sez, Peanut, Andy McNabb.  The other's didn't really have nicknames and I don't want to put their real names up.  So there you go. 
I'm crouching down, second from the right.


Scott said...

Took me a bit, but I found you... Wow have you been in 10 years already... that means Jamo will be in 10 years next May, gosh and we've been together for 7 years in October, how quickly time flies ....

Scott's Mother

Sez said...