Friday, October 22, 2010

Endie Agrees to an Interview

The following questions were pulled from someones journal on Deviant Art.  My OC (original character) Endie agreed to answer them.
She was fairly brusque during the interview - I'm pretty sure she wanted to get back to her family and household shores.

1) What gender are you?

2) What is your age?
Getting on now.  Forty-ish I think.

3) Do you want a hug?
Not from you thank you.

4) Do you have any bad habits?
My family and friends tell me I'm too suspicious of people.  My Uncle and Sister would tell me I'm too trusting.

5) What is your favorite food?

6) What is your favourite ice cream flavor?
I don't know what that is.

7) Are you an ass?

8) Have you killed anyone?
Many times.

9) Do you hate anyone?
I have in the past, but not at the moment.

10) Do you have any secrets?
Everyone has secrets.

11) What is your favourite season?
Spring, when everything is fresh with new life.

12) Who are your best friends?
When I was a child my best friend was my sister Dawn.  Now it would be my husband Sebastian, and then my friends Hannah and Ellen.

13) What are your hobbies?
I don't really have time for hobbies. I do like to keep fit.

14) What is your favorite drink?

15) When is your birthday?
That is irrelevant.

16) What age did you die?
I do not plan to die anytime soon.

17) Are you nice or mean?
Heh, I'm mean on the outside, but I'm one of the good guys.  (Endie's manner is not particularly reassuring on this count.)

18) What do you think of your creator?
Uncle L and Cara? As to the former, well I kinda love the old man.  But the latter - I have no time for her and her meddling ways.

19) What is your weakness?
Chocolate.  And my family.

20) How long can you stay under water?
Longer than I can float.

21) What do you do on a regular day basis?
Get up, go through my drills and exercises, cook breakfast, get my children out of bed and fed, make sure they do their chores, go to work as a cook at the tavern.  Eat lunch at the smithy with my husband and children, go back to work, come home, school my children in reading writing and maths, cook dinner, get them to bed, relax with Sebastian.

22) Do you love someone?

23) Does that person love you back?
Of course.

24) Do you like me?
I neither know you or trust you so what do you think?

25) What do you consider fun in the day time?

26) At night?
Drinks with friends.  Going to bed with Sebastian.

27) Do you like meatballs?
Depends what spices Aunt Sadie has been growing for me to put in them.

28) Do you like Chef Boyardee's meatballs?
I don't know who that is.  Stop wasting my time.

29) Are you gay?
I'm not generally a merry person, no.

30) Say that you were trapped in a closet with your lover for 2 days straight. What do you do?
That depends.  If someone else trapped us in there then most of those two days would be spent trying to get out.  If we trapped ourselves in there to get away from the children then we would do every damn position we could think of.

32) What is your place of origin?

33) Large or small family?
I was born into a small family, but Sebastian and I have bred rather a large one.  He also has quite a few relations.

34) Who are your parents?
Darkcloud and Geoff.

35) Do you have a ipod?
One more question like this and the interview is over.

36) Piercing/tattoos?

37) Is this quiz over?
You're getting close.

38) Do you like cats?
Cats are fine.

39) Whats your lucky number?
There's no such thing as luck.

40) Whats your favorite color?
I guess I like blue and green.

41) What color are your eyes?

42) Quick! Someone kissed your love! what do you do?
No one would kiss Sebastian.  They are too scared of me because they know physical violence is my first reaction.

43) What is your favorite type of music?
The Old Songs.

44) No one cares about you...
That's unlikely.

45) Where do you want to be right now?
Safe with my children.

46) What are you in your Love's opinion?
A hard but loving woman.

47) You just walked into a room with 2 people having sex what do you do?
Depends who they are.  Probably apologise to them and step back out again.
Or take advantage of their distraction and complete the job I was there for.  That's theft or death if you were wondering.

48) What do you do for a living?
I am a cook.

49) You are in jail what do you do?
If I broke the law I would wait it out.  If I am unfairly incarcerated I would attempt to break free by any means at my disposal.

50) Wanna party with me?

51) This quiz is over...

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