Sunday, October 24, 2010

Twenty-Four: Something Embarassing In Your Room

Yes.  I paid money for this.

I'm not proud of it.


Nick Ward said...

You think you know someone then something like this happens...

Sez said...

I know.
It's not even a guilty pleasure.

sempre said...

Haha - I didn't even know you could buy karaoke CDs - clearly I have some catching up to do, although perhaps I should buy some functioning sound equipment first.
By the by my 19 yo brother is known to enjoy Taylor Swift and indeed Lady Antebellum (and is brave enough to put their lyrics on his facebook status cos none of his friends know what he's on about!!!)

Sez said...

Good going Nathan!
I bought this CD for about $5 when I was in the USA, and because it was so cheap I didn't stop to read the cover properly. It wasn't until I got it home and chucked it in... hang on, where's the singing?