Friday, June 17, 2011

Queen's Birthday Weekend

Here I am at last writing about my Queen's Birthday Weekend.  It was some time ago now - 4th-6th June - it's just that I've been fairly busy in the meantime and haven't taken a moment out to fill you all in.

My friends Jamo and Megs, and their son (my Godson), moved to Wellington last year and I have no longer been able to drop in and visit once or twice a week on my way home from work.  I miss them a lot and so I thought I would make an effort to be with Megs on her birthday this year.  I called her up and asked what she was up to and would she have me.  Megs and her husband Jamo had already made plans to be with his parents for the weekend but it was a very simple business to organise to fly to New Plymouth on the Saturday, travel with them back to Wellington on Monday, the day of her birthday, and fly back to Auckland on Tuesday.  Because it's a long weekend (or as the British would say, a bank holiday) I only had to take annual leave for Tuesday.

The flight down was rather uneventful which was a pity because the weather had been somewhat wild and I'd heard the plane had been subject to severe turbulence on its way up.  I love turbulence so was disappointed to have missed it.
Now, we didn't really get up to anything spectacular over the weekend - there were no shows or sports events or games of backyard cricket to rave about.  It was just a nice, slow, relaxing weekend with friends.  On Sunday we went out for a walk with friends and dogs.  I didn't take any photos because like a fool I left my camera back at the house.  This was a mistake because New Plymouth has an amazing footbridge on the way to the beach which was begging to be photographed and I was gutted to miss the opportunity to do so.  That night the same friends came round for dinner and Pete and I ended up spending the majority of the night playing with the little wooden train set I had bought my Godson so there was plenty of fun to be had by all!

Little Toys for Big Kids!

The Wee Man (Godson's official nickname) was such a darling and it wasn't long before he had (once again) stolen my heart.  He would climb up onto the chair with me and hand me his favourite book of fairy tales to read.  I wish I could say I spent all my time reading to him, but he was always more interested in looking at the pictures and turning the pages for himself.  Finally he would close the covers and declare "Ah-Duh!" which meant 'All done!' clamber back down off my lap and continue causing his usual havoc.  We played plenty of games of chase and I was offered lots of hugs and snuggles.  By the end of the weekend he was making sounds which his mother translated to be 'Auntie Sez.'  For a 15 month old he was doing well!!

The Wee Man helps with household chores.

No table is too high for The Wee Man!

Auntie Sez and The Wee Man read together

What else can I say?  It was a wonderful weekend and I loved spending time with my good friends and my special Wee Man.  Conversation with people who know me so well is therapeutic so it was as good for me to be there as it was for Megs to have me down for her birthday!  If you're interested in seeing the photos of flowers I took after the rains then check out my Deviant Art Account.

(I'm still trying to upload the dancing video, so more on that later.)


Dougster said...

You left your camera at home??
Nice story about the kids, a friend recently told me a story about your nephew which was so funny I sent it to the Sideswipe column in the Herald and they published it:
As a 4-year-old sees it
A reader writes: "A friend told me today her nephew, who is 4 years old, is usually read a story at daycare by the teacher who is a bit chubby. She cuddles him while reading the story. She was off sick one day so her fill-in, who is very thin, read him the story. He asked the new teacher: 'Do you have boobies?' The woman was a little embarrassed, but told him, "of course I do!" and the kid answered: 'So please can you bring them with you tomorrow?"

Dougster said...

"HER nephew" not "your nephew"

Sez said...

Hehe, out of the mouths of babes, huh?!

Bwa ha ha ha!

lorenzothellama said...

Lovely to read your blog again!

By the way, Jemima always calls Scaredy 'the wee man'!

Baltagalvis said...

Your god son is very cute. I think that it's a Murphy's law: 'If you leave your camera at home you definitely see something worth shooting.' :) 'Do you have boobies?'So please can you bring them with you tomorrow?' That reminded me, when I was at school some of the boys teased girls that way. :)

Sez said...

Hmmm... maybe Doug was actually telling the story about himself?! The Wee Man is very cute, and great for cuddles!

Lorenzo it's good to have you over! Much love as always xx