Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Vintage Ads for Modern Products

One website I enjoy stalking is  It's a humour website and under the title Pointless Waste of Time they run photo manipulation competitions they call "Photoplasty."  Every week they put up three subjects and readers of the site can post their submissions.  The best are displayed and the #1 picture wins money.  Recently I had a good chuckle looking through 26 Old-Timey Ads for Modern Products and I thought I would share a couple of the good ones with you so that you, too, can laugh away while I find the time to write about my Queens Birthday weekend and upload a video from my night at The Cotton Club.

I hope you are sufficiently tantalised about my upcoming posts.  Now here's the funnies:

by maas

Tomorrow night I have a formal dining in (look it up) and then I have taken Friday off to recover.  Friday night I hope to be watching the new movie Green Lantern with friends, so watch this space.

(this one.  right here.  watch it.  waaaatch iiit!).


Doug E. Fresh said...

A woman's brain is 6 times smaller than that of a man? I knew it! lol
Cool site, must have a look :)

Baltagalvis said...

Funny ads. These ads some how reminds me of Fall Out game(one of my favourite game).

Sez said...

@ Dougie, what did you think of it?

@ Baltagalvis, sounds like a game with a good sense of humour!!

Doug said...

It was cool, didn't know that Cracked was still around, I used to read that and Mad when I was a kid...and looked how I ended up :(

Sez said...

They had the internet when you were a kid?