Thursday, March 24, 2011

Birthday in Perth

So.. it's my birthday today.  I haven't told anyone here - we'll wait and see if they work it out.
Here's a present I brought over with me.  I will open it tonight when I get home from work.  Wonder what it is!


And in other news, I saw this spelling mistake on the news this morning:


Anonymous said...

Well dear daughter - so much reading on my first visit to your blog. It is late so I'll have to revisit another time, but I am wondering if anyone has discovered yet that it is your birthday; and whether or not you have opened the birthday present you took with you from NZ?
Lol and, again, happy birthday xxxMxxx

Nick Ward said...

You can be very proud of this blog Sez. Love your work. :)

Oh and Happy Birthday!

Sez said...

Thanks Nick & Mum.