Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wine Truck

We stopped off at Charlie's Winery on the way home from work this afternoon, and outside was parked this great looking old truck.  I thought y'all would like it.

I am sorry the quality is not that great - I took it with the camera on my phone.  I tried to make it nicer using a photo-manipulation program (called GIMP) but was only moderately successful.  Also I wish I hadn't cut the back off the deck of the truck in the top picture.


Doug said...

That is such a cool truck! Bring it back with you!

Sez said...

Yeah it's awesome eh?!
I'm sure there'll be one somewhere in NZ

Anonymous said...

xxsxxx: its on the way to my house, my monthly delivery u know ;)

Sez said...

Who are you Anon? You can put your name up, you know!!