Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I went to lunch with Nick today, and he made me feel bad for my lack of posts.  I told him I have nothing to talk about but apparently that's no excuse.

There was a story about my rampaging mint and how I almost made it into homemade peppermint schnapps, and today my flatmate went for a wander by himself in the Waitakere hills but didn't need to chop his arm off in order to come home again.  But in effect neither is one worth writing home about.  Instead, let me share some randomness.

In January I took this picture:

And when failing to make a highly lethal fermented mint cocktail I took these pictures of a praying mantis:

And if you're very good and encourage me with comments, I will post the details of an exciting project I am currently in the middle of...
(Here is a hint:)

Stay in touch...

~ Sezmeralda

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Nick Ward said...

That's what I'm talking about. Great stuff Sez.