Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Legend of ... The Double!

The Legend:
I'd heard about it before.  KFC likes to advertise this as a low-carb burger.  When they realised they weren't fooling anyone about any supposed health benefits they just made it a challenge.  Are you man enough?

That's right baby, two chicken fillets surrounding two slices of cheese and delicious greasy bacon.  With sauce of course.  There's no better way to clog your arteries.  (Except maybe a Big Mac from Texas)

Of course as soon as we saw this advertisement in a bus shelter we absolutely had to prove that we were all man enough.  So a few days seven of us set forth on a mission to man-up.  Actually, six of us set forth on a mission to man-up, and one air crew tagged along because "he had coupons." Typical.  He didn't even order The Double Burger.

The Reality:
Exactly as advertised.
Two chicken fillets, cheese, bacon and tasty sauce.  Poor Melanie couldn't make it all the way through hers.  I wish I had realised - I would have finished it off for her.

It was just as well we walked the 700m to get there, cos we needed the walk back just to get our blood flowing through our veins again.   MMMmmmm.  Manly-Double-Burger.

But... what does it mean?


Nick Ward said...

This is the end of western civilization right here.

Sez said...

I wonder if it's coming to NZ? ......

sempre said...

Oh yes...it's coming.