Wednesday, May 11, 2011

In The Time Since Easter

To all of you I apologise! It has been too long.  But I have had a busy couple of weeks since Easter and my social calender has been more filled than - possibly - the rest of the year combined.  But here I am, back again.  I hope you enjoy the post and forgive me for the time it took in coming.


The weekend after Easter was a full one.  I took leave on Friday so that my RPG group and I could go to Sylvia Park to watch the movie Thor on the XTREME Screen.  This is a screen so extreme it had no time for more than two e's.

I stayed with The Agent of Trouble that night and then had a lunch date with my best friend Rachie.  (I am still working out a code-name for Rachie).  We tried a place we hadn't been to before near the Grafton Bridge and each had a little boutique pizza and a sweetie.  Mine was pain au chocolat which was delicious!  After lunch I was off home to get all the chores done before a dinner event that night.

This last summer I played cricket for the Waitakere Cricket Club Women's Senior Grade team headed up by the delightful Tash and coached by the inescapable Garry-with-two-arr's.  It took us a long time, but finally (now that it's Autumn) it was time for our end-of-season celebration which was to be held at Genghis Khan's Mongolian Restaurant in New Lynn.  Now, normally it doesn't really bother me if I have to drive to a dinner and therefore cannot drink.  But on this particular day I really wanted to be able to go over the limit.  So I caught a lift in with fellow cricketer Roach.  The dinner was nice and we all ate too much before proceeding up the road fifty metres to a local pool bar.  Rav had spent the better part of the last five minutes telling us all that she'd never been beat at pool so it was with great delight and pure blind luck that I managed to pull one out at the last second and defeat the self-proclaimed champion.

To be fair, the game was an unusual one.  Four of us were playing.  We each chose three of the available numbers (8-ball included) then took it in turns to sink any ball which was not our own.  It was an honesty system and we had to declare if someone sunk one of our numbers.  In that situation only was the current player permitted to have a second shot. (If she potted a ball which did not belong to anyone she didn't get the free shot).

This is Tash, not Rav.

If all three balls a person had secretly nominated were potted then that person was out of the game.  It came down to two final numbers, and I sunk Rav's.  YAY!
After a quick doubles game of regular pool we'd all had enough (aren't we sad?!) and though Roach had gone home I was rescued by the Agent in her Silver Audi Steed.  We had a really nice Sunday morning watching Green Wing on DVD and she even made me her specialty scrambled eggs for breakfast - with seasoning all the way from Germany and all.  It didn't look like any kind of scrambled eggs I'd ever had before but it was definitely a tasty breakfast!

How could you not want to watch this show?

So, thus far I have been to the movies, gone out for lunch, gone out for dinner, moved on to a bar, had scrambled eggs and watched DVDs.  This has been a very busy weekend so far.  But wait, there's more.  That's right - my regular every Sunday games night with the RPG crowd.  Starts at 2pm and goes to 10.  I was very tired by the time Monday came round.

Rachie is, though lacking a code-name, a very good friend.  While impressed with my sudden increase in social activity (and all-round organisation) she did caution me not to over-extend myself.  This is important for people like me who are heavily-introverted and need to balance their social activities with enough re-charge time to recover properly from said activities.  I thanked her for pointing this out and agreed with her I would have to be careful.  Especially since it wasn't all over.  Oh no.

Tuesday night was Roach's birthday.  I joined her for dinner at Indian Summer in West Harbour for a very pleasant evening indeed.  Then like a love-struck fool, and determined not to get any sleep at all this week, instead of going home afterwards I snuck up on the Agent again.  Thank you kindly for your concern Rachie but it would appear I intend to enrich the zombified experience which is currently my working life by screwing up your good advice and throwing it in the furnace of un-reason and foolishness.  On the other hand, I got to spend another night with Trouble so I think it's all working out okay.  Besides - I can sleep properly tomorrow night!


Or not.  You see, tomorrow night is Wednesday night.  And Wednesday night is Mike & Virginia night.

Recognise her anyone? Mum?  Mel?  Well you should.  That's Lisa Chappell.

This is also Lisa Chappell.  I am not kidding you.

Anyway, the real significance of Mike & Virginia is not who starred in it (because I actually didn't put two and two together until I saw her on stage) but that this was a really wonderful, funny, truthful, talented look at love and relationships and it was written by - drum roll please - Kathryn Burnett and Nick Ward.  If Nick is a good man he will re-send me the link he sent me last week and I will put it up here for you because I am not a good woman and although I promised ever so faithfully to read it, I didn't.  Sorry Nick.
(UPDATE:- Read Nick's words on his play and see plenty of great links at the bottom.)

Well, we absolutely loved it!  And we were even lucky enough to catch Nick very briefly after the show.  He was busy of course and most everyone there was more important than us, but we were special enough to get 5 minutes or so of undivided time chatting with him which made me feel loved!
Oh!  And there was ice cream!

Now it's really rather getting on.. and I haven't made it to the end of the week yet - let alone the weekend.  I wonder if you are all feeling as exhausted as I am simply by reliving this hectic time?  I won't sport with you a great deal longer then.  Thursday was thankfully uneventful.

Friday I was under a self-imposed obligation to do everything in my power to fulfil two requests of the Agent's.  One was to cook dinner, and the other was to get a hold of some 'Allo 'Allo for us to watch on both Friday and Saturday.  This combined with a long working day which finished late made for a tiring night.

How could you not want to watch this show?

Saturday (I'm really getting short now, aren't I?) was for late rising and more scrambled eggs (sans German seasoning) and an evening mission to Te Atatu Peninsula for ice cream with The Agent, Ginge & his friend Daz.  I was rendered grumpy by what I considered to be a failed mission and disappointment given that I wanted to go to my favourite ice cream shop in Onehunga.  But the walk down near the sea, the views, the singing and the company of my Trouble were enough to help me get over it.

Sunday.... Sunday is another day.  It was full too.  Too full it was.  I will write about Sunday another time.

And now it's Tuesday night - or, more accurately, Wednesday morning which may count for the excessive use of hyphens and commas, or it might not.  Tomorrow night is dancing night (round one) and I'm hanging out for Friday.  No particular reason - I just like weekends.


Nick Ward said...

One word - "shucks". Means a lot my friend it really does. I'm so proud of this show and how it came together. I'm also glad it touched you. And not in a bad uncle kind of way. :)

Sez said...

It did Nick, and in a good friendly/emotional/spiritual way and not at all like Bad Uncle Billy.

I'm proud of you too - it was awesome! So... that link?

Sez said...

I bet you would be a bad-ass uncle though, in a good way ;-)