Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sezmeralda and the Agent of Trouble

(1st Edition)

Sezmeralda and the Agent of Trouble

In the City of Sails, in Jafa-land
where the weather is just a game
there hides a modern witch-like woman
and Sezmeralda is her name.

She came from further south
and she's a strange one it is true.
She lives in a cave on the edge of town,
her friends are good but few.

She is a bit like a Discworld witch:-
a practical woman, though grumpy.
Her friends turn to her now and again
when their own roads get too bumpy.

Her magic is music and song and dance
and a damn good listening ear
and though she's reclusive she cares a lot
and can be called on through the year.

One evening she left her cave
for a night of jovial drinking
and that is where she met The Agent
who asked her "Vat are you sinking?"

The Agent had a merry eye
and a funny, mischievous nature
and although her name was Trouble,
Sezmeralda just couldn't hate her.

The two were very different
and yet somehow the same,
The Agent was a people person
while Sez forgot their names,

They both were practical people
and worked well with their hands
they shared a similar humour
but were from different lands.

Their friendship grew at a steady pace -
they'd often share a meal,
then one evening they both agreed
that there was more to feel.

And so began a whirlwind
of emotion, fun, and fears.
But in truth they weren't made to match -
it would only end in tears.

The Agent is a mover
and motion is her style,
Her trouble is always welcomed
though she stays for just a while,

And the witch she is a stayer
with her music in her cave,
and company she will not keep
though closeness she doth crave.

The Agent was the first to see
while the witch she closed her eyes.
Eventually Trouble declared:-
It's time to break the ties.

And so they parted ways -
not without some pain
and their story it is over now - at least

          until we meet again.


KiwiMother said...

Love the poem, and you our little witch. mmmXmmm

Sez said...

Ha! Clever mix up of the kisses - love it!!
Thanks KiwiMum! xxSxx

Doug said...

awwww... :( sorry to hear that Sez

Sez said...

So was I!!
But it's all good now :D

Baltagalvis said...

Sorry to hear that. It is nice poem. I remember when something similar happened to me I listen to this song( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKb4qUZR064&feature=related ) for hours. And then I bought camera and started to taking pictures. :)

First verse of the song:
It's all turned in to ashes
Dreams and desires
When you sad:
Let be just friends.

Sez said...

Wow, thank you so much Baltagalvis! I love the sound of that song. Thank you too for translating the first bit too. :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Sez, really like your poem. Sorry to hear it didn't work out. Ju xx

Sez said...

I'm glad you like it Ju - I'm actually quite proud of it!!

Thems the breaks, hey?

Helkathon said...

Great poetry! :D

Nick Ward said...

Far away and thinking of you my friend. :) x

Sez said...

Of course you are Nick - I miss you!

I'm all good now though. You should have seen me dancing on Saturday night!!