Sunday, May 15, 2011

Photos from the Street

Here are some things I've seen around in the last couple of months:

This one was written by a friend of Nick's.

  These are the chillies being grown by the 'Skin Bay' at work.

A beautiful desk in one of the displays at MoTaT in Western Springs, Auckland.  
One day I will make one of my own!

This was the statue on top of the desk.  I just loved the shadow it cast on the wall behind.

Also at MoTaT.  Just because the Allies were on the winning side doesn't mean they didn't cause injustice. NZ sent their 'enemy aliens' to an island off the coast.  God forbid they send the countries secrets back to Europe.  Wait... what secrets?

That is all.

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Baltagalvis said...

On Friday I loaded to the truck and shipped to another town almost identical table(I think it was made in same century as one in the photo). :) Maybe secret was: Seriously it is terrible and unfair that they isolated those people. I some times think how would history lucked in books if Germany won WWII. We say: "Nobody judge winners".